We all know that land based casino have their own glitter and glamour for you. Are you really sure if that's what you really want in the long run? This article will definitely make you think twice the next time you decide on voting for a land based casino.

Here are some of the top setbacks of land based casinos;

Transportation is a big issue if you are travelling across cities. It becomes a bigger issue when you have to make your friends wait for you because you car just went cold on you in the middle.

What if you made it in time to that casino? There are tons of other people there waiting for casino gaming. Get lined up in your 'favorite' casino and it is time to face life!

If you are on a losing streak are you sure you can walk away? It is not about saying, ?Okay guys lets wrap up right HERE! Let me get back to the game tomorrow. Now where is that 'Pause' button? No one is going to wait for you in land based casinos.

Definitely you can't play your casino games in PJs? The social embarrassment will kill you long before you even make it to the gaming table! Land based casinos = buy a new set of clothes or iron the old ones and spend hours on simple unwanted preparations.

If you are on a losing streak you automatically become a little anti social. Not answering folks around you in land based casinos will make them think that you are just being rude. The truth can be much bitter as you just lost major bets.

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